Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Fan's Visit with Stefanie

I saw the "King and I" last night in Detroit. The play is a beautiful show to watch. And, I thought Stefanie was wonderful as I watched her perform! I just couldn't believe I was seeing her in person. As the show drew to a close, I kept my fingers crossed and did a bit of praying that things would work out so I could meet her after the show.

I asked a theatre usher about the person I was to ask for and he was happy to help find him. Within a few minutes I was escorted backstage to Stefanie's dressing room. We walked across the stage and up a flight of stairs. As we walked back, I really only then began to get nervous about meeting her. I couldn't believe it was actually going to happen after all. He told me I was lucky that particular evening in that I (and my husband) were the only visitors for Stefanie and that the next evening (Friday night) he and Stefanie were expecting some 40 people after the show.
He peeked in and asked if she was ready. She came to the door and greeted me with a smile and shook my hand. I told her my name and that I was from N.'s group. She invited us in and introduced us to her little dog "Bounce" who quickly came over to my feet as I reached down to pet her. Stefanie asked if we had enjoyed the show while she was trying to get a little doggie sweater on Bounce (only 10 degrees in Detroit that night). I told her I thought the whole show was just beautiful. She sat down a few feet across from us and we spoke a few minutes about the show and about our pets. I then proceeded to tell her how I had been a fan of hers since I was 5 or 6 yrs. old and how happy I was to finally have the chance to see her perform in person. She gave me a big smile tilted her head to the side and said "Awwww". With Bounce still snuggled in her lap, she then reached back to a ledge behind her where she had a small pile of photos for autographing. I handed her a Sharpie I had
with me and she asked how I spelled my name (K.) as she started to sign it and also signed my program. She said "see your name is spelled a bit different and that is why I always ask" As she was signing, I told her I was expecting my first child in June. She congratulated us and said " Oh my, now your hormones will be going crazy. I've been through many pregnancies with friends of mine."

I asked if we could have a picture taken together and she graciously agreed. She put her arm around me as my husband took our photo. We all then put our coats on and she said she would show us back to the exit. She put Bounce in her carrier and lead us back downstairs. She wished us a safe trip home and a health baby. With the excitement of meeting her I almost forgot that I had brought with me a donation to WHWF for her. When I handed her the envelope I had labeled "WHWF," she looked down at it and then looked up at me smiled and leaned over to give me a hug and said thank you. I again thanked her for her time and wished her the best as she continues the tour this year.

And that was it. My visit may have only lasted a matter of minutes, but I will treasure those moments forever!! Stefanie was so very sweet and gracious! Those of you who hope to also get a chance to meet Stefanie as she tours, don't be too nervous. She is a sweetheart in person just as
others who have met her have remarked.


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