Sunday, February 15, 2009

19th Annual Night Of 100 Stars Awards Gala

BEVERLY HILLS — The 19th annual Night of 100 Stars viewing party is the place to be on Sunday, February 22, at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. The awards night gala, produced by super-agent and renowned poker player Norby Walters, is a black tie affair that includes a red carpet and a formal sit-down dinner where attendees can enjoy the Oscars.

Walters’s publicist Edward Lozzi, of Lozzi P.R., gave an update of the event to Canyon News and said that about 150-200 Academy members including leading actors and icons will walk down the red carpet, which is saturated with media outlets from local to international broadcasters. In fact, the media coverage is so large that the Beverly Hills Hotel had to supply a ballroom for the media alone. Everyone flocks to get a glimpse of the stars attending the second biggest red carpet aside from the Oscars!

An update of the celebrity attendees include Robert Loggia, James Cromwell, Hector Elizondo, Tony Shaloub, Dennis Hazewort, Steve Collins, Stefanie Powers, Mimi Rogers, Rob Schneider, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jennifer Tilly, Rosie Perez, Bo Derek, Eric Roberts, Lolita Davidovich, John Corbett, Camryn Manheim, Laura Dern, John Schneider, Dennis Haysbert, Sasha Cohen, Gerald McRainey and actress Jenna Jameson who is now retired from the adult entertainment industry. The special guests to appear amid the various stars are pilot Chelsey B. Kellenberger and his wife who were invited for a very special Oscar weekend! Kellenberger is a real-world hero whose fast actions saved many during the Hudson River crash.

So what is it like to attend an Oscar viewing party like the prestigious Night of 100 Stars? According to Lozzi, there are two parties going on at the same time: the cocktail party for those who would like to mingle at the bar and talk, and the sit-down dinner for those who purchased the $1000 ticket. Each table is equipped with its own screen.

“When a commercial breaks, all hell breaks loose! People take a restroom break, smoke breaks, and some even steal a kiss under the stars—it all happens…Then when the commercials are over everyone sits back down for some serious watching,” Lozzi said.

One fact remains certain, with a name like Night of 100 Stars, how can you go wrong?

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