Saturday, February 28, 2009

After Party Wrap-Up

BEVERLY HILLS — Veteran agent Norby Walters produced his 19th Annual Night of 100 Stars Gala in the luxurious Beverly Hills Hotel's Crystal Ballroom, and this time there were over 200 stars. This was a big black tie and red carpet formal sit-down dinner viewing party. Academy members flocked to Norby Walters as he had been called the apparent heir to the famous Swifty Lazar and his party at Spago.

The guests were treated to a red carpet gauntlet of over 300 accredited media outlets including Good Morning America and The Jimmy Kimmel show, who both set up production units right in the party. The gowns and world couture were astounding. Guests enjoyed an open bar with the Hotels best mixologist mixing exotic drinks with the names of the Oscar nominees.

The five star cuisine of the Beverly Hills Hotel included French and California fine wines, Chicken Cordon Bleu, truffles, tar tar, French Basil Salad, multiple fresh baked breads, Belgian Chocolates, praline creme brulets, sherbets and ice creams and rare cheeses and after dinner cordials. The flowers were a sea of white and red roses with golden ribbons in the form of motion picture film stock.

The party was seen around the world as it was broadcast live on the worldwide web by Fashion TV, and was seen by over 70 million people as has been done for the past five years.

Stars who were seen there are serious Academy Oscar watchers, many who voted and have had Oscars and Oscar nominations as well. "If you’re not presenting or nominated—this is the party you come too," said Edward Lozzi, the events public relations coordinator.

"It's a great place to get glamorous and watch the Oscars with serious actors," said Norby Walters, the host for the last 19 years.

Guest enjoying the fun were: Chevy Chase, Daniel Baldwin, Erika Christensen, David Carradine, Dominick Dunne, James Cromwell, Cindy Margolis, Laura Dern, Frances Fisher, Robert Forster, Shirley Jones, Lance Hendriksen, Harry Hamlin, Martin Landau, Sofia Milos, Jason Ritter, Kristy Swanson, Alan Thicke, Doris Roberts, Fred Willard, Sean Young, Robert Townsend, Peter Bogdonovich, Powers Booth, Steve Baldwin, Buzz Aldrin, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilan, Lucy Lawless, Peter Noth (Mr.Big), Stefanie Powers and over 150 more. Over 40 former Oscar winners and nominees were in the room as well.

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